Warranty:   Mailboxes and Aluminum Posts

Claims for warranty coverage on mailbox or post defects are rare. In the unlikely case of a defect, Warranty coverage is by and through the specific manufacturer.
Mr. Mailbox has no authority to process claims or commit any manufacturer to any settlement. We will supply factory contact information and shipping information upon request. We can supply copies of original invoice details if needed.

Lettering / Personalization 

Lettering is warranted by Mr. Mailbox for the life of the mailbox. Our lettering is the best in the industry. Should a defect arise, Mr. Mailbox will provide replacement lettering [with photo proof of defect] at no cost. Application instructions will be included. Alternatively, mailboxes may be returned, shipping pre-paid, or brought in to have lettering re-applied by Mr. Mailbox at no charge.

Cedar Post, Important warranty notice!

Warranty coverage, NONE 

Wood is often the preferred material for mailbox posts, lampposts, fencing, roofing and siding. Choosing any species of wood over alternatives such as aluminum has certain risks.

Cedar is superior and first choice among wood varieties for its natural resistance to rot and insect attack. Cedar also resists warping and checking which can be severe in pressure treated and other wood species. Cedar holds paint better and generally provides excellent service for years and years. While superior, Cedar wood is not impervious to faults and in fact is subject to many perils. Occasionally and unpredictably, problems can arise as wood varies from tree to tree. Our best efforts cannot foresee, nor eliminate Natures variances in individual pieces of lumber. In choosing any wooden post, the customer accepts the risk and consequences of latent defects which may arise at any time, including shortly after installation. Be advised there is no warranty against breakage, rot, insect attack, shrinking, swelling, cracking or checking. Other materials, such as aluminum, may provide less risk and include a warranty.

Aluminum Post Warranty;

Five Year Warranty on factory defects.
Warranty does not cover any damage due to stresses, vandalism, accidents, snow plowing, highway sanding and chemical agents, mowing, pollution fallout, and other adverse conditions beyond the manufacturers control.
Labor and/or incidental costs to install parts, if any, are the customers responsibility and not covered by this warranty.