Install Customer Supplied Post

Installation, Special Situations may incur additional fees.


Customer Supplied Posts; including post models for single, twin or triple mailboxes requiring excavating one hole. 

New posts are installed in concrete footings. The mailbox will be set approximately 40" above the pavement and set back 12" from the road. See important note below regarding alternate location of post.

Standard charge includes; transport of materials to site, labor, cement and, necessary hardware to complete installation with post located in natural soil area.

Disposal of old post is $5 and subject to space and weight limitations. Specify in comments section on order page if old post is to be left on-site.

Additional charges may apply if special handling is required, including

-post assembly ($25-$50)

-setting post in asphalt or concrete sidewalk(plus $30)
-jack hammering of frozen ground or stone (plus $30-$60)
-snow removal to access post location(plus $10)
-excess bulk disposal (typical for shed type enclosures,and/or large amounts of rock/concrete)(plus $25-$75) 
Call for more details if requirements for post removal are beyond normal practices. 

Discounts available for multiple orders at same location placed at the same time.

* All installations are performed by highly trained and fully insured technicians.
* Posts are located in accordance with USPS requirements.
* Customer is responsible for relocation expenses if specifying a position, height or set back different from USPS guidelines.

NOTE...Post will be installed at a height and set back determined by the installer to satisfy USPS requirements while providing best protection from hazards. Customers wanting specific height or set back MUST provide details at order placement. We strongly suggest contacting USPS for approval in writing if varying from normal curbside placement.

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Sales price: $225.00
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