Mr. Mailbox Special

Features: E-Z Pull Out Tray, Steel mounting plate & custom lettering.......POSTS SOLD SEPARATELY....... INSTALLATION SERVICE AVAILABLE


Special Features 
* E-Z Pull Out Tray for safety and convenience
        - brings mail within easy reach
        - collect mail without having to stand in the travel lane
        - avoid reaching to unseen places and surprises like ants & spiders

Superior construction
        - thicker metal, robotic welding
        - stainless steel door hinge
        - automotive grade powder coated
* Steel flag, nylon and stainless steel hardware
        - never needs replacement

* Galvanized steel mounting plate and rust proof hardware included
        - easy to attach to post and stays put!

* US Postal Service approved, size medium, 8" X 10.5" X 21"
* Weight  10 lbs
        - More than twice as heavy than most competitors.

See INSTALLATION SERVICES to arrange installation within our service area.

Continue below to choose mailbox color, lettering color, layout, and font  
       Click Here to view available mailbox colors
                             Choose lettering detail  
         Layout 1 =  house number only on both sides of the mailbox
        Layout 2  = house number & street name on one line on both sides of the mailbox
        Layout 3  = street name centered on the mailbox, house number on separate line above
121 Sandstone.JPG121 Sandstone.JPG
Galvanized Metal Mounting PlateGalvanized Metal Mounting Plate
Preview of Your Mailbox

-Actual placement of lettering will be optimized for best appearance.
-Colors may vary from preview due to individual computer settings.
-See photo gallery for as produced results
-Submit special requests in comments section of order page.

Sales price: $139.00
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