4x4 Cedar Post - from $179

Mailbox Sold Separately. UPS/Fedex shipping not available.


Available styles:

     Chamfer Top        $179.    Add a curved brace  $194.

    Crown Top           $209    Add a curved brace  $229. 

Mr. Mailbox exclusive - Our 4X4 posts are built using Alaskan Yellow Cedar (AYC). AYC is the slowest growing but strongest variety of Cedar, often compared to white oak in strength. All known competitors use the more common softwood variety of Cedar. The extra strength of AYC results in a cedar post of incomparable resistance to damage and a far greater life span.

Posts are finished with high quality paint or wood stain. Standard colors offered are listed below. Custom colors are produced at no additional charge using customer supplied paint.

Shipping limitations restrict availability to local installation or pick up at our showroom. 

Chamfer Top w/ Curved Brace Crown Cap w/ Curved Brace 
4 X 4 Chamfer Top with Curved Brace           . 4 X 4 Ball Finial        Ball Finial w/ Curved Brace
17 Heritage.JPG17 Heritage.JPG
32 Mayflower.JPG32 Mayflower.JPG
160 Stonewall.JPG160 Stonewall.JPG
126 Overlook.JPG126 Overlook.JPG
825 Silver Spring.JPG825 Silver Spring.JPG
3 Half Mile.JPG3 Half Mile.JPG
18 Brandy.JPG18 Brandy.JPG
5 Wilson Ridge.JPG5 Wilson Ridge.JPG
30 Brookhill.JPG30 Brookhill.JPG
70 Dunning.JPG70 Dunning.JPG
5 Midrocks.JPG5 Midrocks.JPG
201 Newtown.jpg201 Newtown.jpg
3590 Madison.jpg3590 Madison.jpg
1142 Prospect.JPG1142 Prospect.JPG
63 Clapboard.JPG63 Clapboard.JPG
5 outlook.jpg5 outlook.jpg
2 Spruce.JPG2 Spruce.JPG
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